Our Home

Friday, September 26, 2008


Well since I'm home sick thought I'd update everyone as to what's going on in our lives.

Mitchell started the 1st grade on September 3rd. He is doing really well, we are happy that he is happy. He amazes us daily with how well he can read and write.

Easton is getting bigger and bigger, we had his 4 month apt yesterday and he weighs 18 lbs.

Brett is busy working for the UW and the Everett Silvertips.

We are blessed that my work allowed me to come back part time - Mon - Thur with Fridays off.

Since Brett's main work days are Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he is watching Easton on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday's and Easton goes to our neighbors on Wednesday's.

My first day back to work I developed a severe sore throat, and for 3 weeks that followed that I developed a sinus infection that turned into Bronchitis, so I've been out of work this week trying to get better. I've never coughed so hard in my life to the point of throwing up. I'm on day 5 of antibiotics and I'm praying they are doing their job.

Brett two days ago went to the Dr. with severe pain in his lower left side, he had some blood work and urine samples tested with no results so our Dr. sent him to the hospital for a Cat Scan and that came back inconclusive. The pain still has not gone away and he went back to the Dr. today and they feel its divercuticulitus and so he's now on antibiotics.

This morning I woke up to Easton feeling like he is on fire, I took his temperature and it was 102 degrees, so off we went to the Dr. and they feel he has a virus now.

It's been some week for us to say the least. Pray that we all get well.