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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easton Update...

Hi Everyone
I justt wanted to update you on Easton. He had surgery yesterday morning at 8:30 and was done by 10 am. Things couldnt have gone better. Since the burn on his hand was so deep they decided not to take the graph from his cute baby bottom....(THANK GOODNESS), they needed all the layers of skin and so they cut a piece of skin from the crease where his thigh and privates meet, they stiched it up and so we will have no wound care so to speak. They said had they not done the graph it would never have healed on it's own.He is in a cast from the tips of his fingers to almost his shoulder, and will wear this for a week, after the week we go back to the hospital and they will take the cast off and see if the graph took. If so they will put a case back on him and let it continue to heal for another week. Then we will go back and they wil take it off and see how it's doing. The arm was healing nicely so they did not do the graph in this area.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, they worked...he still has his cute dimpled baby butt. (patient #412)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well today's the day we find out if Easton will have to endure surgery on his arm and hand. We are both nervous and scared out of our minds. It's almost noon here and I'm sitting at work trying to stay calm and hold it together, I needed to be at work today to keep my mind on something other than Easton's "hand fate". Brett is not so lucky in that he is with him all day.

Last night during "wound care" it appeared that it was healing a bit in places, so we are not sure what the Surgeon will say, we are told that they might want to wait a little longer and see what happens, I don't think Brett and I can keep up this waiting game, it's killing us not knowing Easton's fate.

Brett had a really hard day yesterday seeing Easton in pain. Last night was the worse. Easton was up from 11 pm till 6 am this morning. Needless to say we didn't get any sleep nor did he as he was in pain. Not sure if the medicine is working still or not.

We just pray that our little boys hand and arm will look normal and have full use of his fingers, knuckles and such. We keep seeing photos of his hands before the accident and it breaks our hearts as his hand was just perfect, so small and innocent, soft and "plump" little fingers ready to explore the world.

Brett and I are just mixed with emotions right now, Brett is angry now and me I'm just numb. WE know accidents happen, but it's so hard when it's your baby (child). You feel so helpless and you wish you could just change places so they don't have to be in pain.

The only blessing we have is that Easton is such a happy baby, he's our brave little boy.

Please pray today for us and his future. Pray that we have the strength to get through this. Pray for our friends who are devasted by this incident in their home. Pray that if Easton has surgery that he recovers 100%.

Heather & Brett and Mitchell Webb

P.S. These photos were taken on Monday. The dazed one is Easton on Drugs...LOL....