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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Easton

We celebrated Easton's first birthday on Saturday, May 16th, 2009. What a beautiful day it was, we couldn't have asked for better weather.

We have nicknamed Easton "our little monkey" and so I thought it appropriate that we have a Monkey party.

I came up with the idea that I wanted to hang bamboo from our ceiling in our dining room and then have monkey's hanging down (like they were swinging through the jungle)...I found the bamboo at Michael's Arts & Crafts in Green and Brown. I let Brett be creative in how he hung it and he couldn't have done a better job! It looked just like I pictured! (See Photos)

The morning started off with me running all over to pick up the cake, pick up the balloons, etc. Mitchell had a baseball game that morning so Brett was with him, thank goodness for my mom who came down from Oak Harbor and watched the birthday boy for me.

Everything was all set by 1:30 just in the nick of time for people to start arriving to see Easton. In the invite I said Light appetizers...well they were definately not Light and everyone had eaten before they got there (Note to self....just put appetizers and skip the light part in the future).

We had a great turn out of friends and family. Brett's family included his dad Vic and his wife Linda, his mom Ginger and his dad Ted, his great niece Autumn and great nephew Ryan. For me my mom Connie, my step mom Diane, my little sister Meghan and her mom Melissa and step dad David, my cousin Jenn and her daughter Payton.

Easton was pretty miserable in the morning has he was in the process of cutting three molars. We all proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to him and when it came time for cake he wasn't really wanting it. But he decided to take a taste of the yummy Gluten Free cake I made and my mom iced it for me (since I had no clue how to do this). He liked it for the most part, but wasn't diving into it like most kids who get their first taste of sugar. However, he did decide to run his icing covered hand through his hair and gave himself a mohawk.

After cake we all decided to head for the front yard which was all in shade now and much cooler than our deck area. Brett and I bought him a Radio Flyer ATW (All Terrain Wagon) for his present along with a sun umbrella and an ice cooler for the back of it. The wagon was OVERFLOWING with presents from everyone. He got some great presents. One precious moment is when he got some books from Grandma Diane with Elmo on the front, Easton decided to give him a great big kiss...it was precious. Thank you everyone! I'm hoping to get thank you cards out here soon.

I'll be posting some photos soon, I realized this morning that they are on my laptop.