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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Again, time has gotten the best of me.  Or maybe it's just life?  There have been some highs and lows over the past few months.

For the past 4 years my husbands video production company has filmed the Everett Silvertips Hockey.  This past September Comcast decided not to renew their contract.  This was our financial security.  So Brett has found himself feeling that he cannot provide.  He is a wonderful provider and works really hard for our family, but the economy is taking it's toll on everyone and everything in our society.  We are no exception.  So he's been trying to obtain new contracts.  It's been very challenging as he is also dealing with injuries sustained in a car accident in October 2010 (he was rear ended at 60 mph an hour - he was at a dead stop), so his body is making it challenging for him to even do the job he loves with all his heart.  Please pray for his healing and that he finds substantial work.

In December Brett and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage.  We've been through so much this past year medically, financially, physically, emotionally and he has stayed my ROCK!  I can't imagine going through life with anyone else.  He's an amazing man and I know I don't tell him enough.

Mitchell's football team didn't make it to the playoffs like they have the past 2 years, he learned some new skills and made some great friends.  He spent the better part of the football season weekends spending the night with his buddies Will and Chase.  It's wonderful to see him developing friendships.  We have also gained two new families in our lives.  Which has been a total blessing.

Easton, well he's 3.  Need I say more?  He is all attitude.  He is as stubborn as an OX (he is a Taurus...)  I can't begin to express how much this little guy LOVES his big brother.  Easton has trouble falling asleep on his own and Mitchell is always there to snuggle up with him.  Such a precious moment.

Saxon....you ask who is this new addition to our family? Well he's NOT new, just been out of our lives for awhile, but he's back.  We were blessed to have him spend 2 1/2 weeks with us in November for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We haven't seen him for 8 years, he is the half brother to my son Mitchell.  LONG story, but we are so blessed to have him once again in our lives.  In fact he might even be moving up here to Washington to be with us full time.  Only God knows how this will all play out.  (My fingers are crossed though)

My Three Sons....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Has it really been over a month since I posted??? Where does the time go.

Where does time go?  Where did the summer go?  Where did my life go?  It's been almost 2 months since I've blogged!!!  So sorry for those who follow us.  I thought I'd give you a quick run down as to what has been going on in the Webb Household.

Back in April I decided to become a Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant - They offer a program for newbies called "quick start" and so in your first 3 months they give you HUGE incentives to get you up and running.  I was up for the challenge, (hence one of my many reasons for my absence on my blog).  Within my first 3 weeks I had two recruits in my downline.  During the full 3 months I made my quick success sales goals and earned over $1,000 in FREE Jewelry am I am now a Senior Consultant, working towards earning  a FREE trip to Puerto Rico next May.  I'd love for you to stop by my website and take a peak at our new Fall/Winter Catalog.  www.cookielee.biz/heatherwebb  If you see anything you'd like feel free to place an order or contact me! 

July 18th - 25th - Surprise visit to my mom in "Surprise" Arizona for a week of 110+ weather.  Me and the boys flew down and my best friend from HS picked us up and "delivered" us to my mom.  My Aunt who also lives there was in on it and she drove to my moms house to bring her something, after she got my mom away from the front window we did the stealth mode up to the front door. We knocked and when she answered the door...all I can say it was PRICELESS!  We hadn't seen her in 9 months (longest ever for me) and boy were the boys excited to see their Grandma.  We had a good visit and it was extremely hard to come home, Mitchell was hysterically crying (that is not something a mother can handle so of course I got in on that).  We said our goodbyes and flew back to Seattle to of course the RAIN!  BLAH!
Easton learned how to swim with floaties!!!
 Cactus blooming in my moms backyard
 My two besties from High School live in Arizona now, we had breakfast together!!!  Love you girls!
 My two favorite people in the world my Grandparents Tom and LaVaughn Clark (Easton's Middle name)
 Boys with their Great Grandparents...boy how we miss them!

July 30th - Came back just in time to see my long time co-worker/friend marry her best friend of 10 years!  It was a gorgeous day at the lake and Brett and I had such a fun time, after the wedding we went on a "movie date" and saw the final Harry Potter Movie...it was sooooo good!

AUGUST!!! - FOOTBALL...need I say more.  This is Mitchell's 3rd year returning to the 89'er White Silverlake Timberwolves.  It has been so fun to watch him this year as his head is "finally" in the game!  Can I just say that he is so handsome in his uniform?  He's almost 5 feet tall and he just turned 9!  I've also started this year volunteering for the Football League (http://www.silverlaketimberwolves.com/) where I'm managing the website and helping coordinate the team moms, working the booster table, and anything else they need of me.This is my pride and joy!!! Watch OUT Wolf Pack!!!  Mitchell is #8 leading the pack!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where we've been....

So for Father's Day weekend we were invited to go to Moclips Beach, WA with our friends Jamie (Brett's) and her boyfriend Bobby.  Jamie's boss has a cabin on the beach so we were in heaven.  Here is our adventures....
P.S. when I refer to Jamie as "Brett's" Jamie, it's because we have about 5 Jamie's in our life.  And she was his friend before we married.
 Brett and Easton....Happy Father's Day!!!
 This was the WOW tree, it was a hidden secret.  We ran into a local and he told us about the "Enchanted Forest", we rounded the corner and this is what we saw...the first time I didn't have my camera with me, the 2nd time I wouldn't have missed the shot....so beautiful!!!
Brett, Bobby, Mitchell and Jamie..digging for clams.  See how close we were to the beach...HEAVEN!!!
 Mitchell - growing up way to fast!!!
 Look at those eyes...this is the SPOILED one...
I collected sand dollars every day, they were EVERYWHERE!  These ones were not ready to be collected but I couldn't resist make a sign.  When we got home I counted how many I had found - 65!!!!  That is not including what Mitchell collected.   We could have brought so many more home...so glad we didn't!!!!  Now what to do with 65 Sand Dollars....Craft project in the making....hmmmmm
He just couldn't stay out of the water...the only bad part is that his ENTIRE bag of clothes, pull-ups, wipes, shoes, socks, etc....was left on the top of the stairs at HOME!  We had to wash this outfit every night.  Thank goodness mommy kept pull ups in her car!!! 
This photo just about sums up how our trip was....RELAXING!  Poor Abbey was exhausted from running on the beach and chasing the seagulls. 
Oh so I had to throw this photo in...I LOVE THIS LIGHT!!  It was on a beautiful beach house...DREAMING....someday....
Happy Day - Heather

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Powder Room Makeover

So I spent most of the weekend remodeling our downstairs powder room.  I have never been happy with the colors I chose, but I just didn't really know what I wanted.

After reading on Under the Table and Dreaming about her powder room makeover, I knew what I had to do...choose a neutral color and then decorate with accents.  Well I LOVED hers so much that I was on a mission to find some gray paint - never would have been my first choice, but after seeing hers...

I went to Walmart (because I was getting other things) and I decided I would just "look" at colors to get an idea, well by browsing the return paint I came across the perfect color and it was 50% off ($10.98) for a gallon!! SCORE!

Here are the before photos, sorry I took down all the decorations (I was too excited to get started and forgot)

So I took Stephanie's advice and went looking for some fabric, I too wanted to make some cute DIY art pieces as she called them.  I would have never of thought to do something like this.  Some people are so creative!!!

 I found these canvas boards at Walmart (3 pack for like $5.00) and then I got the fabric for $2.95 per yard. 

I hot glued it onto the board.  Then I added black trim and made some fabric flowers with accenting fabric.  I made one by braiding the 3 fabrics together.  The large yellow one is made from trim.
I had a magazine basket that had a liner in it (again too excited and forgot the before photo), but I took some of the yellow trim (got it on clearance at Walmart) and hot glued it around the top, then on the wooden handles I ripped some 2" fabric and wrapped the handles and hot glued it down.

 Then I set to work on the shelves.  My step mom Diane gave me 3 white shelves and so I distressed them and gave them a little stain. 
 I found the yellow and black Gerber at Target for $5.99.  The shelf under the mirror is a thrift store find that I painted white (it was yellow) and then I distressed it.  The yellow and black "kitchen" towels were $2.99 ea.
 These three washcloths were from a set of 6 (the other 3 are on the back of the toilet) they were $4.99.  The yellow perfume bottle was a thrift find.  The jar on the left was hand carved for my husband and I while we were in Mexico a few years back.  Another close up of my shelf.  So glad I found a home for it.
I had this Gerber print in the bathroom in the same location but on the dark brown.  So much nicer here on the gray.  I got the bird on clearance for $4.99 at Display and Costume in Seattle, then the Dream was a TJ Maxx find and I tied some of the yellow fabric on it, and the little black wire basket was a thrift find that I got for .25 cents.  The black and white "shelf liner" ties in the colors.  We store our toilet paper in a old candle holder (another thrift find)

Two of the shelves Diane gave me (Thanks Mom)  The thingy on the left holds a Party Lite candle - but it had a blue candle so I'm going to find a yellow one to replace it, in the mean time I got the little yellow box for a $1.00 at Target and took the plant from another room.  The black "kitchen" rug was $9.99 at Target.

 The candle holder on the left you can't see, but it was a thrift store find for $1.00 and I spray painted it a high gloss black and found a yellow candle at Target for $4.99.
My two DYI pieces of art, my clearance mirror and my little thrift store duck that I found for a $1.00

Well there you have it.  Sorry for so many photos...I just love them! 
Happy Day - Heather

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