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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last night we took the boys to Bob's Farm - Pumkin Patch. It was such a beautiful night, a little too cold for the baby, but fun none the less. Here are some photos...

Let the Journey Begin

Well I went to the Dr. yesterday, I finally let them tell me how much I weigh...I was at my heaviest again. I was dissapointed in myself, but I knew I wouldn't be at that # for long (and that's all it is a number), it does not reflect how I feel about myself or my self worth. I got the approval from my Dr. to start my program with 1500 calories. He believes my ideal weight is 180 lbs. That works for me, heck I'm pushing 38 years old.

I took my measurements last night and here we go...

I will be charting my inches every six weeks. I will not check my weight till the end of my transformation as I feel that inches lost are more important than weight loss, since there are so many factors to take into consideration to your weight, i.e. water retention, etc.
Wish me luck....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weight Loss Journey

Well here it goes, the good the ugly and the bad. I thought that I would keep track of my weight loss journey through my blog. I am rejoining the PRISM weight loss program. Back in January 2000 I was at my heaviest weight 260 lbs, wearing a size 18/20 womens pants at 5'11".
I hid my weight somewhat well (or so I thought).

At my 10 year high school reunion in August 1999, I saw a photo of myself...I couldn't believe how heavy I was, I was thinking I looked pretty good! HELLO...can you say I was dillusional or in denial? I wasn't happy for many years and I used food for when I was bored, upset or just too lazy to cook.

I ran into an old friend in November 1999 and she had lost 70 lbs and looked fabulous! I had to know her secret and that is when she introduced me to the PRISM weight loss program. After hearing about the program http://www.pwlp.com/ I decided it was right for me.

I began the program and within the first 6 weeks I had dropped 30 lbs and numerous inches, it also helped that I was swimming a 1/2 mile per day and dancing 3 times per week. But by November 2000 I had lost 100 lbs. I weighed 160 lbs and was down to a size 9. I stayed that way till I got pregnant with Mitchell (Born March 2002), after he was born I went back on PRISM and was within 20 lbs of my goal weight again.

That's when I met Brett...the love of my life. We had so much fun going out, eating was a big part of our life. We'd go to a movie (have popcorn, etc.), we'd go out to dinner, we'd go to the fair, we'd have parties, all activities which revolved around food, and sure enough the cycle caught hold of me again and the weight started to pour on I was pushing 215 by then.

When Brett and I decided to have a baby together I had to get some of this weight off, I dropped about 20 lbs doing PRISM, but it wasn't enough. I have no clue how much I weighed when I got pregnant in Cancun in August 2007 nor during my entire pregnancy as I REFUSED to know how much I was gaining (I do know that I only gained 10 lbs my first 6 months). But towards the end, I really packed it on - the joke was I was carrying Easton in my butt, since it was the only thing getting BIG!

In May 2008 we were blessed with Easton. Now that Easton is 5 1/2 months old, I'm ready to get this baby weight off. And get back to a healthier, happier lifestyle so that I can keep up with our two boys.

So last night I called PRISM and left a message that I wanted to get started again and since I'm nursing I have to get Dr. approval, so I made a Dr. apt for tomorrow at 3 pm (no wasting time once I've set my mind to succeed)

Once I get the Dr.'s blessing and how many calories I need to eat, etc. I'm off and running.

As scary and embarressing as it is & will be, I will be posting photos of myself throughout this transformation. Hopefully my readers will be motivation for me.

Wish me luck...let the transformation begin!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Halloween Time.

I took Easton to CLIX in Mill Creek for his 5 month photo session with Alexis (she's great), at first Easton was cheerful but not smiling like his normal happy self. It must have been the adorable Halloween costume I had him in (wink wink)...he was most likely thinking that we are
going to use these photos when he starts dating...hee hee

During the shoot I was trying to get him to sit up and I was too far away from him and he toppeled backwards and bumped his head (it was a very soft landing) but needless to say it put him in a full on crying fit. Brett showed up with Mitchell just as the tears were flowing, I can only imagine what he was thinking.

Eventually I got him calmed down by nursing him and then he was ready to go again - what a tough life being a model..hee hee.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can sit up now and can bite (OUCH)...OH and I have toes...

Easton will be 5 1/2 months tomorrow, where did the time go? Last Saturday Easton decided he could sit up all by himself, the only problem is that his tummy is so big that he can't sit straight up and with all the pressure on his tummy he usually throws up especially if he has just eaten. He's getting better though.

As you can see in the photos, he's also discovered his toes, if it weren't for that belly he'd have them in his mouth, he keep trying to get them, he's managed to suck on his socks though if he's wearing them.

He also cut his 2nd tooth and has bitten me 10 times...I yell "NO" at him and the bottom lip come out, faces scrunches up and he wails! He doesn't like me scolding him. I think he's starting to learn and my boobs are starting to heal (except I flinch every time he eats - wondering).

On a funny note (well maybe to you), I'm sitting here pumping and a spider crawls up into my lap - well anyone who knows me knows I'm deathly afraid of spiders - especially big ones and in this case it was a spider and a big one, well I jumped out of my chair and sprayed milk every where...I know what a site huh? I am so freaked out now....AHHHH

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brotherly Love 10-06-08

As you can see in these photos, Easton is just as loving as his brother Mitchell or just as hungry? Easton was trying to hug him and suck his face, he was successful a few times and Mitchell thought it was gross that he licked him...

Easton's 4 month shots....

We had Easton's 4 month check up on 9-25-08, he weighed 18 lbs 1 oz and was just shy of 26" long. He had 3 shots...poor baby.

A little late...but Mitchell's First Day of First Grade

I know this is late, and I'm sorry. I've been out of it lately being sick and all. Here are some photos of Mitchell's first day of Frist Grade. He is loving school and teacher says he's a natural born leader and the other kids look up to him. Last night we had his cirriculum night at school and we ran into the school counselor (yes he's been to her office...LOL), but she said "he was an amazing boy and wished more kids were like him", I told her he is very loving and affectionate and she said "yes", and I said he has his issues and she said "don't they all".

He is loving his classmates and teacher. He is acceling in math (are you sure he's mine!)...LOL He does have my passion for reading and is reading at 4th grade level.

For those of you who suffered with us last year during his time with NCA, he's doing exceptionally well and is not crying everyday, still having some issues with paying attention - he wants to play, we have to remind him that school is for learning not playing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

19 Weeks - Easton

Took Easton to the Dr. last Friday, September 26th with a fever of 102, the Dr. told me he wasn't teething and so it must be a virus...boy did Easton prove her wrong. Monday, September 29th, while I was nursing Easton I felt something sharp on my breast....YEP, our baby has cut his first tooth!!!

Also, he rolled from his back to his front on Monday night and then on Tuesday the 30th, he's going back and forth from front to back and back to front.

Tuesday the 30th he tried Rice Cereal for the first time and even big brother helped in this momentous occasion.
He's getting to be such a big boy! boo hoo....