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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 6 - Drive from Denver to Arkansas

After the Denver Aquarium, we left Denver around 3:30 pm, I drove until 2:30 am, where we stopped at a gas station, got a bite to eat, filled the car up with gas and switched drivers.
Brett then drove until he couldn't d-rive any further as he was up during the whole time I was driving so he was bushed from diving so I drove the last hour into Bentonville, Arkansas.

We were so tired and it was 7:30 in the morning that I called the Double Tree Hotel and they could get us a hotel room, so we checked in and I was starving so I went down to get some breakfast while the boys slept, then I came back to the room, Easton had woken up and so I took him and played with him for a few hours while Brett and Mitchell slept, Easton was so cute smiling (he's doing it quite often now) Easton and I then fell asleep. While we were sleeping, Brett and Mitchell woke up and went and had lunch, when they came back we were up, it was about 3:30 pm then.

We decided to go get some ice cream at DQ, when we got to the mall where it was located they had a movie theater and Wall-E was playing and the next show was 5 minutes from us getting there, so we decided to skip the ice cream and go to the movie, it was really cute, I highly recommend it.

When the movie was over around 6:30 pm I gave a call to my Uncle Ken and we went over to their house which was about 5 minutes from where we were at, we sat and chatted and by then it was about 7 m and we were starving so we went and got dinner, then headed back to the hotel so Mitchell could swim. It was an exhausting drive and day, it's now 11:28 (9:28 Seattle time) and I'm exhasted, so I'm off to bed. We are going to surprise my grandparents tomorrow, they get to meet their only Great Grandchildren, I'm very excited for them to meet my family.

First few photos are of the sunset in Kansas, very very flat land, we drove 80 mph and it was pretty much a straight drive till we had to head south towards Whichita, Kansas, then down and over (East) to Tulsa, and then into Bentonville, Arkansas (where my grandparents live).

Day 6 - Denver Aquarium - Diving with Sharks

Well Brett was like a kid in a candy store today, he got to cross off his list of things to do in his lifetime, and that was to dive with sharks. The Denver Aquarium offers a dive program where you can dive in the tanks with over 21 sharks. He said it was amazing, he also got to look for shark teeth and came out with 5 of them, boy are they sharp!!!

Day 4 & 5 - Indoor Skydiving

After the zoo, the boys got to go to SkyVenture, an indoor skydiving facility. It was Brett's Father's Day present, boy did they have fun, I don't think I have ever seen Mitchell smile so big and Brett looked scared shitless. Mitchell had so much fun that we brought him back the next day so he could take a 6 minute private lesson, he caught on really fast and was turning and doing lots of movement, the instructor was really impressed, Brett and I are worried about our pocket books now since we have created an adrenaline junky as Mitchell says he wants to look for a place back home to do it again, and again and again.

Day 4 - Denver Zoo 6-26-08

What a beautiful day today was (6-26-08), we went to the Denver Zoo, it was wonderful. We had a good time walking around looking at all the exhibits and animals. I think my favorite part was when the Orangatang (sp?) came up to the glass just as Mitchell sat down, he was checking him out, it was very cool.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 3 - Our Drive to Denver, Colorado

Well we arrived in Denver today around 6 pm, we took our time coming over the 10,000 foot pass....some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen so far, it was breathtaking in alot of places, we are settled into our hotel and we will be here for 3 days. We are going to go to Boulder for the day tomorrow, and then the Zoo & Aquarium on Friday...the boys are also going to try indoor sky diving...stay tuned....

Easton - in his Froggy Outfit...isn't he cute...

HOLY CRAP...we are how high? I could feel the tightness in my chest...wild...

LONGEST TUNNEL...freaked me out!
Johnson Tunnel....hey did they name it after me?

Rocky Mountain Billy Goats, this was really cool to see, we saw a family of about 8...there were about 3 babies, so cute!

Glennwood Springs, View from Glennwood Caverns Adventure Park, Brett and Mitchell took a tram to the top of the mountain for some fun, Easton and I stayed behind because I do not do heights not things that are suspended by a cable....they had so much fun, they rode the Canyon Flyer - Alpine Coaster, and then Mitchell got to rock climb.

View at Grand Junction, on our way out of town after stopping for triple shot carmel frapaccinos at Starbucks....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2 - Grand Junction, Colorado

day 1 - Provo, Utah
this is the hotel we stayed at on day one, it wasn't that nice, but all we did was sleep, sleep and sleep, Easton slept from about 8 pm till 2 am and then was up till 4 am and then slept till 8:30 am, so it's been nice.

My Boys...taken at a wonderful park in Grand Junction, Colorado...

My Boys...aren't they the cutest!

Brotherly love....gotta love them!

My family....enjoying the beautiful weather in Grand Junction, Colorado - Day 2
Having a great time, I drove the 5 hours today since Brett drove all day yesterday, boy was the scenery baren and desolate and flat, nothing like I was expecting. Speed limit is about 75 but we drove 80....made great time.

Day 2 - Grand Junction, Colorado, very beautiful here...we stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott and this was the view from our room looking out at the Colorado river....we are now going to head to the pool and let Mitchell play around, we will write more tomorrow.
Love and Bless to all
The Webbs

Monday, June 23, 2008

1st Day....we made it!

Exhausted boy....

This is Mitchell's new friend "Max", found him at the rest stop in Idaho.

As Brett and I sat around waiting for 2:30 am to arrive we both looked at each other and were wondering why we were waiting, we were ready, car was packed, boys were asleep....so we left at 11:00 pm. We arrived in Salt Lake City around 3:30 pm and we were not impressed the whole city and freeway's were under construction. We saw the Mormon Temple for a brief moment as we drove by and we decided to not stay in Salt Lake and that we would continue to drive to Provo....We arrived at 4:30 pm, grabbed a bite to eat at TGI's Friday and then headed to our hotel. We just unloaded all the 5 suitcases, diaper bags, pillows, laptop, breast pump, movies and the kitchen sink...LOL

It's about 90 degrees out and all of Easton's baby products have melted so thank goodness we have a fridge, so that is going to be issue #1....when we get out for lunch, to site see, etc.

Here are a few photos on our way here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 Hours and counting....

Well we are all set to head out tomorrow morning at 2:30 am...OUCH! I can't believe it but I got everything in the car...It's a miracle to say the least...as you can see in the photos the van is filled to the hilt, we really tried hard to not have to use the top carrier as it would have been a pain to take down and put up everyday.

Our first stop...Salt Lake City, Utah....

Also here is a cute photo of Easton Sleeping...again....
We will try and blog everday and include photos of our journey as long as we have WiFi...
The Webbs