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Friday, March 16, 2012

My Cup Runeth Over and then Some....

The "Pantry" in our kitchen is where I house all of my small appliances and anything else that doesn't have a home.  AKA the basket of Water Bottles, Insulated Coffee Cups, Gatorade Bottles, Etc.  There is no where else to store these and when you go to get one, they all come tumbling down.  DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! 

So I went on Pinterest (have you been here? OMG I'm in love with this website!!!) and found this idea and it has seriously changed my life and my kitchen.

I purchased a shoe holder (got this one at Lowe's for $14.99) I love this one as it will work with my doors, ones I have purchased in the past the hangers will not allow my doors to close, but this one does!  Happy Girl....so I hung it inside of my coat closet, which is by our kitchen.  So great location and it fits perfectly.

 Then I started to fill it, I couldn't believe how many water bottles, etc that we owned and now they are easily accessible and no more falling to the floor.
I'm in heaven now and my anxiety of falling cups is OVER!

Happy Day....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Living Room - Before & After

We purchased our home in 2005.  Hard to believe we've been here 6 years.  Our home has gone through some major changes.

This is the living room before we purchased it.  I saw so much potential here.

Here is what it looked like at Christmas the year be bought it.

Here are the changes it has gone through. 

Removed Carpet and installed hardwood floors.

Here it is with new couch... we tried it a few different ways in this small space, the couch was much larger that we anticipated for this room.

We even tried separating the sectional and came up with this....(I loved it at the time)
Here is our living room after my makeover this past fall.  So in love!!!!

*Walls were painted
*Bought some Ralph Lauren Black pillows (TJ Maxx)
*Added some shelving
*Added some photos & prints (Marshalls)
*New black tables were from Craigslist
*Added lamps (TJ Maxx)
*Added rug (Marshalls)

*Replaced Curtains from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

(See shelf make over tutorial on this blog too)
This antique cain chair my husband bought me for my 40th birthday.  I can't wait to give it a make over this summer.  I'm thinking a soft gray or beige color and a new paris motiff cushion.