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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Floor Ordeal

A year ago Brett and I had Pergo Laminate flooring in. A month ago I noticed that the tiles surrounding our fireplace were cracked and bulging away from the wall. Brett called Lowe's and told them the floor was causing this to happen. They sent a flooring guy out to take a look, and sure enough, not only was that the issue but our entire flooring was failing and that it was installed incorrectly. He said they needed to be completely replaced.

So Lowe's honored our warranty and said they would replace our flooring. They delivered wood on the 31st of October since it had to sit for 3 days to aclimate. Monday, the 3rd the movers came and packed our belongings, and on Tuesday, the 4th, the moving company came and took our things to storage. The flooring guys then showed up and tore out our old flooring on Thursday and realized that LOWE's didn't deliver enough wood to do our floors, so they delivered some more wood (but then it had to aclimate for 3 days), so I'm without my house, without my floors and I have two kids going into the weekend, I have no kitchen at this point. So LOWE's put us up in a hotel for 4 nights...We got back to our house Sunday evening. Monday, the 10th, they installed the new flooring.

Our trim however didn't survive being ripped off the wall twice and then professionally painted, so LOWE"S sent their guys out today Wednesday, the 12th to remove and install all new trim. They are also replacing our tile around our fireplace (which they will install in the next few days), the trim was not painted, but was primed and so Joe our painter is coming tonight around 9pm to paint all of it.

Thursday, the 13th, our furniture to being delivered, thank goodness!!!

Friday, the 14th, we get to go get the dogs who have been at the breeders house, playing with all their relatives....

What an ordeal....but there is light at the end of the tunnel, or so I hope.

They started almost 2 weeks ago, they hired a moving company to pack our entire downstairs space and move it into storage while they completed the floors (this was Monday 11/4 - 11/5), then on the 7th Lowe's delivered the wood that had to sit for 3 days to aclimate. The flooring company came out on Monday and tore up the existing floor

Weight Loss Progress - Week 3

Well I'm in week three and going strong. I've had some trouble getting enough calories in, can you believe that...LOL....It's hard eating healthy, as you have to eat alot to get enough. For instance I wanted to get a coffee so I thought I'd get a Sugar Free Vanilla Breve Latte this morning, without realizing how many calories I was consuming until I was talling up my totals for the day....568 Calories!!!! for a DRINK! Can you say I"M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN, but I did meet my calories today....

I'm out of my maternity jeans (THANK GOODNESS)....I am in my Fat jeans now, but they are getting looser on me every week, when I first started I couldnt zip them up, now I can zip them up and they are loose in my waist, butt and hip area.

Well this is all the news about my transformation....stay tuned for more