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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cork Board Makeover

So I bought this framed cork board about 2 years ago (so hubby and I could write love notes to each other daily - yah that never happened),so I put some push pins in it and hung my necklaces (I figured if they were in plain sight I might actually wear them.

But it was a bit drab...So I went to Wally World and pick up some linen fabric and decided that I would cover the cork with it.

Sliced open the back. 
Poster board that was attached to the cork. 
Removed the poster board/cork. 
My least favorite thing in the world....IRONING (HATE IT!!!)
 Used "Gaffers" tape - stole from hubby...this stuff rocks!  Used small pieces to hold in place as I stretched, once I got it all where I wanted I used long pieces to hold it all together. 
Cork board covered in linen fabric. 
Inserting it into the frame.

I then spotted some plain black buttons while waiting and the "Light bulb" went off. I could glue the tack to the button and give it a more finished look.
 Here is the finished product....


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Well it's been raining every day here...(I know I live in Seattle), but come on...I want to PAINT!!!! So I've been hitting the thrift stores the last few weekends (piling up the projects), waiting for some warmer dryer weather so I can start painting all these wonderful things.

Here is a preview of some of my finds....stay tuned for what I end up doing with them.

I got two baskets for $2.00 each, small wooden candle stick holder for $1.99 and the larger one for $2.99, the tall metal "thingy" for $9.99. 
I got this beautiful cubby storage at DI for $8.00 today!  SCORE!!!  I can't wait to fix her up....really rain...enough already....you are messing with all my plans.

My first old soda box, Canada Dry Ginger Ale....one of my favorites (back in the day). 

Not in the best of shape, but definatley well used "Loved"

Of course I didn't even notice this "flaw" when I bought it - I was so excited to find one (Until I got home) - OH WELL I'm still happy with it, and it will work for what I purchased it for....

This was just too cute to pass up for $3.00 and it has "Family" on it which is displayed throughout my house on different things. (love the orange tack?)  I'm looking for a cute hanger right now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

Ok the Spring Bug has hit me HARD, in the past week I have now painted 3 rooms...and I'm not done. We've lived in our house for 6 years and the rooms/areas I've painted had never been touched...why do you ask? Because I never thought to paint them or fix them up - a closet? a laundry room? Who does that? a bathroom (OK I get this one) EVERYONE in blog land...that's WHO!!! LOL.

So I got on the band wagon and found a great color that was on the "mixed wrong table" at Lowe's - $5.00 for the Gallon. It was the exact color I was looking for a goldish brown. I have no clue of the color, just that it's what I wanted and for $5.00 - SCORE!!!


I sure wish these baskets were a few inches taller so you couldn't see my supplies...Lowe's $12.50 ea.
These two jars with the Oil Rubbed Bronze lids I got at DI for $7.00 for both of them!  I have my Oxy Clean in the larger one and Clothespins in the smaller one.

o I am not sure about the lamp shade.  I want to paint the base of this lamp ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze), but not sure about the burlap?  Thoughts anyone?  Is it too small?  Too ugly?  Or just right?

The black basket hanging there towards the right is where I store "Missing In Action Socks".
The black basket with fabric liner in the upper left corner (was Burgundy) I spray painted a high gloss black, it's lovely.  I also got this at DI for $4.00 plus $.99 for the spray paint. - Looks brand new, don't ya think?
I put it on the Burgundy so you could see it.  It's about 2 ft in length and about 1 ft in width.  I am storing our TP in it now. 

Yah I k now....looks like it's time to break out the Iron ( I hate to Iron).  It's been about 3 years since I took the bi-folding doors off.  They were such a pain.  I used a shower curtain rod (I know I use them everywhere) and two curtain panels.  The carpet I got at Fred Meyer a few years ago and I love that the paint matches.  There you go....Happy Day - Heather

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

Ok so I've been hit with the Spring Clean Bug...I just completed my bathroom after doing nothing to it for 6 years. Now I started looking at my Master Bedroom Closet and wondering how I lived with it for that long too. So I set out to make this space more lovable.

Here is the before...How did I ever find anything in here? 

Yep there is a dresser hidden in here..

Since the closet was getting an overhaul my husband and I decided that we would purge our clothing. This is what we had to work with.

(Honey where are you???? - HELLO???  Are you in there??)

I came across a blog called. Favorite Paint Colors which you can find here...what a wonderful site of beautiful rooms and creative people.  I chose my color from the "Blues", it was submitted by one of my favorite bloggers 320 Sycamore she used it in her entry way.

I took the color code she had given on Favorite Paint Colors to Lowe's and the guy mixed it for me, I came home and started painting - 2 hours later I was out of paint.  Since the walls were "virgin", it soaked it all up.  So I went back to Lowe's to have them mix another Quart for me.  When I went to give them the lid with the code on it I noticed it didn't look like the formula I had given the guy only a few hours prior.  So I asked the guy to re-check the formula (the 1st guy mixed it wrong and caused me two hours of painting the WRONG color!)
He took the formula from me again and remixed the paint and VOILA the RIGHT color - the best thing is he made me a gallon and only charged me $5.00!!! SCORE!!  

So my next mission is to find a lamp cover.

I got the baskets on the top left (left photo) and the 2nd shelf (right photo) at Fred Meyer's - on sale with an additional 10% off.


My poor purses / bags are all crammed up there, but least I can find them now.

I took the door off the closet giving me about 2 more feet of space.  I hung the canvas shelf using a shower curtain rod spanned across the shelving units - it fit perfectly in this space.  I then hung another shower curtain rod behind to door under my purse shelf and put a 1 panel curtain there (when closed it fits perfectly in the space you see below)  My husbands tie / belt rack (below photo) and the brown basket holds my belts.


I'm hooking up with...