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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easton Update...

Hi Everyone
I justt wanted to update you on Easton. He had surgery yesterday morning at 8:30 and was done by 10 am. Things couldnt have gone better. Since the burn on his hand was so deep they decided not to take the graph from his cute baby bottom....(THANK GOODNESS), they needed all the layers of skin and so they cut a piece of skin from the crease where his thigh and privates meet, they stiched it up and so we will have no wound care so to speak. They said had they not done the graph it would never have healed on it's own.He is in a cast from the tips of his fingers to almost his shoulder, and will wear this for a week, after the week we go back to the hospital and they will take the cast off and see if the graph took. If so they will put a case back on him and let it continue to heal for another week. Then we will go back and they wil take it off and see how it's doing. The arm was healing nicely so they did not do the graph in this area.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, they worked...he still has his cute dimpled baby butt. (patient #412)

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