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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Again, time has gotten the best of me.  Or maybe it's just life?  There have been some highs and lows over the past few months.

For the past 4 years my husbands video production company has filmed the Everett Silvertips Hockey.  This past September Comcast decided not to renew their contract.  This was our financial security.  So Brett has found himself feeling that he cannot provide.  He is a wonderful provider and works really hard for our family, but the economy is taking it's toll on everyone and everything in our society.  We are no exception.  So he's been trying to obtain new contracts.  It's been very challenging as he is also dealing with injuries sustained in a car accident in October 2010 (he was rear ended at 60 mph an hour - he was at a dead stop), so his body is making it challenging for him to even do the job he loves with all his heart.  Please pray for his healing and that he finds substantial work.

In December Brett and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage.  We've been through so much this past year medically, financially, physically, emotionally and he has stayed my ROCK!  I can't imagine going through life with anyone else.  He's an amazing man and I know I don't tell him enough.

Mitchell's football team didn't make it to the playoffs like they have the past 2 years, he learned some new skills and made some great friends.  He spent the better part of the football season weekends spending the night with his buddies Will and Chase.  It's wonderful to see him developing friendships.  We have also gained two new families in our lives.  Which has been a total blessing.

Easton, well he's 3.  Need I say more?  He is all attitude.  He is as stubborn as an OX (he is a Taurus...)  I can't begin to express how much this little guy LOVES his big brother.  Easton has trouble falling asleep on his own and Mitchell is always there to snuggle up with him.  Such a precious moment.

Saxon....you ask who is this new addition to our family? Well he's NOT new, just been out of our lives for awhile, but he's back.  We were blessed to have him spend 2 1/2 weeks with us in November for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We haven't seen him for 8 years, he is the half brother to my son Mitchell.  LONG story, but we are so blessed to have him once again in our lives.  In fact he might even be moving up here to Washington to be with us full time.  Only God knows how this will all play out.  (My fingers are crossed though)

My Three Sons....

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