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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Week Old...

Well we've made it through our first week.

Went to the Dr. on Tuesday for my postpartum apt and they removed my staples, everything looked good and was healing. Easton weighed 7 lbs 4 oz, still has a little bit of jaundice but it's within range they said.

Easton couldn't be a better baby. He is so wonderful, he sleeps right now for about 2 hours then nurses and then sleeps another 2 hours, etc, round the clock. Last night we had our first 3-4 hour stretch which was so nice compared to my 1 hour of sleep here and there, but surprisingly it hasn't been too bad adjusting must have been all those nights of running to the bathroom that prepared me.

Went to my in laws house on Friday for one of our first road trips and all went well, of course he slept really well in the car, then on Sunday we headed to my parents house up in Oak Harbor and we had the same outcome slept all the way. So we are hoping that will be the same when we head out on the road in a month.

Here are some recent photos of our new pride and joy!

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Heather & Brett

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