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Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 14 - Gaylord Texan...WOWIE!!!!!


We arrived at the Gaylord Texan last night around 7:30 pm last after a long drive from Arkansas, we got settled into our room and then went out and explored the hotel or should I say "town within it's self", this place is HUGE, you can totally get lost. I feel like we are in a hotel in vegas.


Today we got up and enjoyed a complimentary buffet breakfast at the resort, it was really good, then we caught a free trolly ride to old historic downtown grapevine, it was a quaint little town with cute little shops, we walked around in the 99 degree heat and then decided to call it quits and catch the trolly back to the hotel to take a trolley to the mall, and when I say mall I mean MALL, this place was HUGE! It had 6 "neighborhoods"....a 30 screen movie theater, and every outlet store you could imagine, it took us 3 hours just to walk the corridors....we went into about 3 stores, can you imagine how long it would take if we went into all of them, they must have had over 300 stores!!!

We went back to the hotel and took Mitchell for a swim, they have beautiful pools....then came back and headed down for a bite to eat, then I was to pamper myself with a deep tissue massage, that was to die for (sorry Jamie, you have competition), it was wonderful....of course they are never long enough.

Came back to the room and found that Brett had gotten both boys to sleep (way to go Daddy!!!), we ordered a movie "Saving Sarah Marshall", it was hilarious!!! then off to sleep we went.

I highly recommend this hotel if you want to pamper yourself, we were going to go to the zoo and aquarium, but we had so much fun just at the hotel.


mary said...

wow that place looks huge! but what can i say "everything is bigger in texas" haha here is my cell number 830-660-0811 if you can give us a call when yall are headed into san antonio so we can meet up. yall have fun and be carful!!!

mary and david

AshleyRose said...

I've totally stayed at that hotel. It's AMAZING!! You picked a great one. :)