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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Zap!!!!!

Well we had quite the excitement this weekend.  Our almost 3 year old Easton was in the family room with our almost 9 year old watching Cartoons.  I was in my Scrapbook Room and called my husband to come take a look at my "remodel" when the lights flickered (we didnt' think anything about it since it was storming outside) until we heard Easton crying. 

My husband rushed to the next room where he was.  Our older son was saying that the speaker fell on his hand.  Well that much screaming coming from a 6" speaker was highly doubtful as to what caused our little guy to be hurt.  Upon further observation, we noticed that the TV and stereo had also gone out.  We looked over to the area where our older son said the speaker fell.  It wasn't a fallen speaker, but speaker wires that Easton decided to put in the outlet socket (which my husband forgot to put the cover back on after unplugging his laptop) and he got zapped, and in turn FRIED my husbands $700.00 receiver.  Good lesson to him that he's to put those cheap little plastic outlet covers back on when you have a curious toddler in the house.

Thank goodness our neighbor is an ER nurse and he came over right away to examine Easton.   He was fine, but he definately got a little zap and hopefully won't be doing that anytime soon.

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shellesis said...

Bryan ( our son) decided to stick a paperclip in an outlet one time he was older( like 9) and should have known better though but yep he got a good zap to.