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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Powder Room Makeover

So I spent most of the weekend remodeling our downstairs powder room.  I have never been happy with the colors I chose, but I just didn't really know what I wanted.

After reading on Under the Table and Dreaming about her powder room makeover, I knew what I had to do...choose a neutral color and then decorate with accents.  Well I LOVED hers so much that I was on a mission to find some gray paint - never would have been my first choice, but after seeing hers...

I went to Walmart (because I was getting other things) and I decided I would just "look" at colors to get an idea, well by browsing the return paint I came across the perfect color and it was 50% off ($10.98) for a gallon!! SCORE!

Here are the before photos, sorry I took down all the decorations (I was too excited to get started and forgot)

So I took Stephanie's advice and went looking for some fabric, I too wanted to make some cute DIY art pieces as she called them.  I would have never of thought to do something like this.  Some people are so creative!!!

 I found these canvas boards at Walmart (3 pack for like $5.00) and then I got the fabric for $2.95 per yard. 

I hot glued it onto the board.  Then I added black trim and made some fabric flowers with accenting fabric.  I made one by braiding the 3 fabrics together.  The large yellow one is made from trim.
I had a magazine basket that had a liner in it (again too excited and forgot the before photo), but I took some of the yellow trim (got it on clearance at Walmart) and hot glued it around the top, then on the wooden handles I ripped some 2" fabric and wrapped the handles and hot glued it down.

 Then I set to work on the shelves.  My step mom Diane gave me 3 white shelves and so I distressed them and gave them a little stain. 
 I found the yellow and black Gerber at Target for $5.99.  The shelf under the mirror is a thrift store find that I painted white (it was yellow) and then I distressed it.  The yellow and black "kitchen" towels were $2.99 ea.
 These three washcloths were from a set of 6 (the other 3 are on the back of the toilet) they were $4.99.  The yellow perfume bottle was a thrift find.  The jar on the left was hand carved for my husband and I while we were in Mexico a few years back.  Another close up of my shelf.  So glad I found a home for it.
I had this Gerber print in the bathroom in the same location but on the dark brown.  So much nicer here on the gray.  I got the bird on clearance for $4.99 at Display and Costume in Seattle, then the Dream was a TJ Maxx find and I tied some of the yellow fabric on it, and the little black wire basket was a thrift find that I got for .25 cents.  The black and white "shelf liner" ties in the colors.  We store our toilet paper in a old candle holder (another thrift find)

Two of the shelves Diane gave me (Thanks Mom)  The thingy on the left holds a Party Lite candle - but it had a blue candle so I'm going to find a yellow one to replace it, in the mean time I got the little yellow box for a $1.00 at Target and took the plant from another room.  The black "kitchen" rug was $9.99 at Target.

 The candle holder on the left you can't see, but it was a thrift store find for $1.00 and I spray painted it a high gloss black and found a yellow candle at Target for $4.99.
My two DYI pieces of art, my clearance mirror and my little thrift store duck that I found for a $1.00

Well there you have it.  Sorry for so many photos...I just love them! 
Happy Day - Heather

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