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Friday, June 24, 2011

Where we've been....

So for Father's Day weekend we were invited to go to Moclips Beach, WA with our friends Jamie (Brett's) and her boyfriend Bobby.  Jamie's boss has a cabin on the beach so we were in heaven.  Here is our adventures....
P.S. when I refer to Jamie as "Brett's" Jamie, it's because we have about 5 Jamie's in our life.  And she was his friend before we married.
 Brett and Easton....Happy Father's Day!!!
 This was the WOW tree, it was a hidden secret.  We ran into a local and he told us about the "Enchanted Forest", we rounded the corner and this is what we saw...the first time I didn't have my camera with me, the 2nd time I wouldn't have missed the shot....so beautiful!!!
Brett, Bobby, Mitchell and Jamie..digging for clams.  See how close we were to the beach...HEAVEN!!!
 Mitchell - growing up way to fast!!!
 Look at those eyes...this is the SPOILED one...
I collected sand dollars every day, they were EVERYWHERE!  These ones were not ready to be collected but I couldn't resist make a sign.  When we got home I counted how many I had found - 65!!!!  That is not including what Mitchell collected.   We could have brought so many more home...so glad we didn't!!!!  Now what to do with 65 Sand Dollars....Craft project in the making....hmmmmm
He just couldn't stay out of the water...the only bad part is that his ENTIRE bag of clothes, pull-ups, wipes, shoes, socks, etc....was left on the top of the stairs at HOME!  We had to wash this outfit every night.  Thank goodness mommy kept pull ups in her car!!! 
This photo just about sums up how our trip was....RELAXING!  Poor Abbey was exhausted from running on the beach and chasing the seagulls. 
Oh so I had to throw this photo in...I LOVE THIS LIGHT!!  It was on a beautiful beach house...DREAMING....someday....
Happy Day - Heather

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