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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 6 - Drive from Denver to Arkansas

After the Denver Aquarium, we left Denver around 3:30 pm, I drove until 2:30 am, where we stopped at a gas station, got a bite to eat, filled the car up with gas and switched drivers.
Brett then drove until he couldn't d-rive any further as he was up during the whole time I was driving so he was bushed from diving so I drove the last hour into Bentonville, Arkansas.

We were so tired and it was 7:30 in the morning that I called the Double Tree Hotel and they could get us a hotel room, so we checked in and I was starving so I went down to get some breakfast while the boys slept, then I came back to the room, Easton had woken up and so I took him and played with him for a few hours while Brett and Mitchell slept, Easton was so cute smiling (he's doing it quite often now) Easton and I then fell asleep. While we were sleeping, Brett and Mitchell woke up and went and had lunch, when they came back we were up, it was about 3:30 pm then.

We decided to go get some ice cream at DQ, when we got to the mall where it was located they had a movie theater and Wall-E was playing and the next show was 5 minutes from us getting there, so we decided to skip the ice cream and go to the movie, it was really cute, I highly recommend it.

When the movie was over around 6:30 pm I gave a call to my Uncle Ken and we went over to their house which was about 5 minutes from where we were at, we sat and chatted and by then it was about 7 m and we were starving so we went and got dinner, then headed back to the hotel so Mitchell could swim. It was an exhausting drive and day, it's now 11:28 (9:28 Seattle time) and I'm exhasted, so I'm off to bed. We are going to surprise my grandparents tomorrow, they get to meet their only Great Grandchildren, I'm very excited for them to meet my family.

First few photos are of the sunset in Kansas, very very flat land, we drove 80 mph and it was pretty much a straight drive till we had to head south towards Whichita, Kansas, then down and over (East) to Tulsa, and then into Bentonville, Arkansas (where my grandparents live).

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