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Monday, June 23, 2008

1st Day....we made it!

Exhausted boy....

This is Mitchell's new friend "Max", found him at the rest stop in Idaho.

As Brett and I sat around waiting for 2:30 am to arrive we both looked at each other and were wondering why we were waiting, we were ready, car was packed, boys were asleep....so we left at 11:00 pm. We arrived in Salt Lake City around 3:30 pm and we were not impressed the whole city and freeway's were under construction. We saw the Mormon Temple for a brief moment as we drove by and we decided to not stay in Salt Lake and that we would continue to drive to Provo....We arrived at 4:30 pm, grabbed a bite to eat at TGI's Friday and then headed to our hotel. We just unloaded all the 5 suitcases, diaper bags, pillows, laptop, breast pump, movies and the kitchen sink...LOL

It's about 90 degrees out and all of Easton's baby products have melted so thank goodness we have a fridge, so that is going to be issue #1....when we get out for lunch, to site see, etc.

Here are a few photos on our way here.

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Jess said...

Hey! Great to hear you made it to Utah on the first leg of your journey. I hope the weather holds out and it's smooth sailing every day.

Glad you have this site to update us, take care and post soon.

(that's a lot of stuff in your car!)