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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can sit up now and can bite (OUCH)...OH and I have toes...

Easton will be 5 1/2 months tomorrow, where did the time go? Last Saturday Easton decided he could sit up all by himself, the only problem is that his tummy is so big that he can't sit straight up and with all the pressure on his tummy he usually throws up especially if he has just eaten. He's getting better though.

As you can see in the photos, he's also discovered his toes, if it weren't for that belly he'd have them in his mouth, he keep trying to get them, he's managed to suck on his socks though if he's wearing them.

He also cut his 2nd tooth and has bitten me 10 times...I yell "NO" at him and the bottom lip come out, faces scrunches up and he wails! He doesn't like me scolding him. I think he's starting to learn and my boobs are starting to heal (except I flinch every time he eats - wondering).

On a funny note (well maybe to you), I'm sitting here pumping and a spider crawls up into my lap - well anyone who knows me knows I'm deathly afraid of spiders - especially big ones and in this case it was a spider and a big one, well I jumped out of my chair and sprayed milk every where...I know what a site huh? I am so freaked out now....AHHHH

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