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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let the Journey Begin

Well I went to the Dr. yesterday, I finally let them tell me how much I weigh...I was at my heaviest again. I was dissapointed in myself, but I knew I wouldn't be at that # for long (and that's all it is a number), it does not reflect how I feel about myself or my self worth. I got the approval from my Dr. to start my program with 1500 calories. He believes my ideal weight is 180 lbs. That works for me, heck I'm pushing 38 years old.

I took my measurements last night and here we go...

I will be charting my inches every six weeks. I will not check my weight till the end of my transformation as I feel that inches lost are more important than weight loss, since there are so many factors to take into consideration to your weight, i.e. water retention, etc.
Wish me luck....

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