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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Master Bathroom Makeover - PROGRESS

My best High School friend Paolla  (Class of 1989!!!), was here from Arizona for the weekend and she wanted to help me paint my bathroom, so we pulled an all nighter and had some girl time.  It wasn't exactly the color I wanted - I was going for a grey/green/blue color and I got more of a Caribbean Blue - it works!
Here we are....oh not a flattering picture!!!  I guess that lack of sleep will do that to you (oh and no makeup)  I know scary huh!
I've taken the door and hardware off the linen closet, I will have to do some patching and painting (but that will have to be after the reveal tomorrow). 

This cabinet I had in my boys' bathroom and it fit perfectly in the space. 
I ended up painting the closet this past weekend (so glad I did) - I'll reveal the space tomorrow...stay tuned.
All the goodies that I got during my thrifting on Friday with Mitchell.
 Along with a few items that I already had and some that I got at Lowe's or Big Lots!

 Wait till you see what I have in store for this guy!  I loved the shape, but the color had to go!!! 
I'll reveal tomorrow!  Stay tuned...
Well I hope I sparked your interest and you will be back tomorrow to see the reveal...I'm very excited.  I finally feel "Happy" when I walk it this inviting space.  Happy Day ~ Heather

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