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Monday, March 21, 2011

My Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

Ok so I've been hit with the Spring Clean Bug...I just completed my bathroom after doing nothing to it for 6 years. Now I started looking at my Master Bedroom Closet and wondering how I lived with it for that long too. So I set out to make this space more lovable.

Here is the before...How did I ever find anything in here? 

Yep there is a dresser hidden in here..

Since the closet was getting an overhaul my husband and I decided that we would purge our clothing. This is what we had to work with.

(Honey where are you???? - HELLO???  Are you in there??)

I came across a blog called. Favorite Paint Colors which you can find here...what a wonderful site of beautiful rooms and creative people.  I chose my color from the "Blues", it was submitted by one of my favorite bloggers 320 Sycamore she used it in her entry way.

I took the color code she had given on Favorite Paint Colors to Lowe's and the guy mixed it for me, I came home and started painting - 2 hours later I was out of paint.  Since the walls were "virgin", it soaked it all up.  So I went back to Lowe's to have them mix another Quart for me.  When I went to give them the lid with the code on it I noticed it didn't look like the formula I had given the guy only a few hours prior.  So I asked the guy to re-check the formula (the 1st guy mixed it wrong and caused me two hours of painting the WRONG color!)
He took the formula from me again and remixed the paint and VOILA the RIGHT color - the best thing is he made me a gallon and only charged me $5.00!!! SCORE!!  

So my next mission is to find a lamp cover.

I got the baskets on the top left (left photo) and the 2nd shelf (right photo) at Fred Meyer's - on sale with an additional 10% off.


My poor purses / bags are all crammed up there, but least I can find them now.

I took the door off the closet giving me about 2 more feet of space.  I hung the canvas shelf using a shower curtain rod spanned across the shelving units - it fit perfectly in this space.  I then hung another shower curtain rod behind to door under my purse shelf and put a 1 panel curtain there (when closed it fits perfectly in the space you see below)  My husbands tie / belt rack (below photo) and the brown basket holds my belts.


I'm hooking up with...

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