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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Well it's been raining every day here...(I know I live in Seattle), but come on...I want to PAINT!!!! So I've been hitting the thrift stores the last few weekends (piling up the projects), waiting for some warmer dryer weather so I can start painting all these wonderful things.

Here is a preview of some of my finds....stay tuned for what I end up doing with them.

I got two baskets for $2.00 each, small wooden candle stick holder for $1.99 and the larger one for $2.99, the tall metal "thingy" for $9.99. 
I got this beautiful cubby storage at DI for $8.00 today!  SCORE!!!  I can't wait to fix her up....really rain...enough already....you are messing with all my plans.

My first old soda box, Canada Dry Ginger Ale....one of my favorites (back in the day). 

Not in the best of shape, but definatley well used "Loved"

Of course I didn't even notice this "flaw" when I bought it - I was so excited to find one (Until I got home) - OH WELL I'm still happy with it, and it will work for what I purchased it for....

This was just too cute to pass up for $3.00 and it has "Family" on it which is displayed throughout my house on different things. (love the orange tack?)  I'm looking for a cute hanger right now.

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