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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain Gutter Book Shelves....

So I saw this idea on the web to make book shelves out of "Rain Gutters", and so I thought I'd try it.  What a great idea this is.  My wonderful friend Kim lent me her husband Jones for a few hours (Mine was working)to come over and help me put them up.  He did a great job and I'm so excited by the outcome.

The gutters come in 10 ft lengths we found ours at Lowe's, he then cut them in 1/2 - so we had four. (But I only had room for 3) we might put the 4th one up later somewhere else.  He used gutter end caps from Lowe's to finish them off, you will need two per shelf.  He also lightly sanded the edges so that little fingers would get an accidental cut from them not be "finished".   Jones drilled four holes in the gutter and attached them to the walls by 4  Drywall Anchors found at Lowe's. If you can attached to the studs - even better.

I had no idea my son had this many books (favorite thing in our household)...The Love of Reading (all but Daddy).

These are perfect height for him, they really do hold a lot of books (he probably has over a 100 on these shelves)  Easton has pulled on the top shelf numerous times and it has held steadfast and is pretty nice looking if I might add.

8 caps @ $2.77 = $22.16
2 Gutters @ $6.19 = $12.38
Drywall Anchors @ $8.32

Total cost = $32.86 for 4 shelves that I DIDN'T have to paint!  But you could.....

I was inspired by....
The Stories of A to Z

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