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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cork Board Makeover

So I bought this framed cork board about 2 years ago (so hubby and I could write love notes to each other daily - yah that never happened),so I put some push pins in it and hung my necklaces (I figured if they were in plain sight I might actually wear them.

But it was a bit drab...So I went to Wally World and pick up some linen fabric and decided that I would cover the cork with it.

Sliced open the back. 
Poster board that was attached to the cork. 
Removed the poster board/cork. 
My least favorite thing in the world....IRONING (HATE IT!!!)
 Used "Gaffers" tape - stole from hubby...this stuff rocks!  Used small pieces to hold in place as I stretched, once I got it all where I wanted I used long pieces to hold it all together. 
Cork board covered in linen fabric. 
Inserting it into the frame.

I then spotted some plain black buttons while waiting and the "Light bulb" went off. I could glue the tack to the button and give it a more finished look.
 Here is the finished product....